DMA Solutions lists trends from field to store to kitchen to table

DMA Solutions lists trends from field to store to kitchen to table

Dallas-based firm DMA Solutions has released its trends projections for 2019, with sustainability, convenience and specialty diets among them.

The report is segmented into four parts: In the Field, At the Store, In the Kitchen, and On the Table.

On the production side, DMA highlighted sustainability, traceability, organic and exotic.

At the retail level, packaging continues to be a focus, with convenience paramount. However, with the focus on reducing plastic, eco-friendly packaging is preferred by many shoppers.

In addition, private label offerings are growing in popularity as stores look to heighten their value perceptions among consumers.

Eating trends include specialty diets, food waste reduction, meat substitutes and cutbacks on sweets. The role of produce as a meat substitute continues to evolve, with examples including watermelon “ham,” corn “ribs,” celery root “shawarma” and mushroom “jerky,” according to DMA. Another often cited swap is jackfruit for pulled pork.

DMA also spoke with chefs to get their take on ingredients to watch this year. Jicama, mushrooms, casava and celery were among the fresh produce items on the list.

As far as effective ways to present food in 2019, DMA recommended focusing on the community aspect. While restaurants can benefit from presenting food as art, marketers might be best served to design recipe photos that shoppers can actually envision replicating in their own kitchens.

Last but not least, action shots — “drizzles, drips and dustings” — are in.

Check out the full report here.