Del Monte pineapple tags highlight sustainability projects

Del Monte pineapple tags highlight sustainability projects

Del Monte Fresh Produce North America Inc., Coral Gables, is introducing pineapple tags to highlight sustainability efforts.

The company’s gold pineapples will feature tags featuring six Del Monte Fresh sustainability facts, according to a news release.

“Sustainability is ingrained in our company values,” Dennis Christou, vice president marketing for Del Monte Fresh,” said in the release. “We not only strive to conduct our business in ethical, socially responsible and transparent ways due to our respect for our employees and the communities they live in, but we want our consumers to feel good about the food they are eating when enjoying Del Monte Fresh products.”

The tags will focus on six sustainability facts:

  • In Kenya, Del Monte’s protected waterway supports more than 95 hippopotamuses;
  • The company gave 640 scholarships to children in Central American communities in 2017; 
  • Del Monte Fresh Produce has recycled more than 30,000 tons of plastic used on its banana farms since 1995;.
  • More than 1,000 species of animals live at Del Monte’s El Tigre Forest Reserve in Costa Rica;
  • A redesign of Del Monte pineapple boxes in 2000 has reduced paper use by more than 160,000 tons; and
  • More than 90% of Del Monte pineapples are grown on sustainably grown certified farms.

Del Monte Fresh Produce has also planted more than 700,000 trees, funded clean water projects in Kenya and the Philippines and has reduced energy consumption, according to the release.

The Del Monte Sustainability Report outlines the company’s progress.

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