Crunch Pak introduces snack medleys, fresh-cut pears at United

Crunch Pak introduces snack medleys, fresh-cut pears at United

CHICAGO – Sliced apple company Crunch Pak is looking to broaden its horizons and compete with snack purveyors beyond the produce industry.

At its booth at the United Fresh Produce Association conference and expo, Crunch Pak showed off variety-specific stand-up pouches for Kanzi, Cosmic Crisp, Smitten, Ambrosia and Honeycrisp, but it also featured its new fresh-cut pears and a large number of stock-keeping units in a new snack medley line.

“We’re seeing a lot of competition in even the deli sections of the industry, so P3 and things like that, so we’re really trying to go for more protein-based, so we actually came out with some three-compartment trays that have salami, a cheese and (almonds) in them, or an egg, blueberries and cheese, so there’s a lot of new offerings,” said senior sales executive Jay Zimmerman. “We’re really trying to innovate ourselves and become a snacking company and compete with the big dogs like Oscar Meyer, Lunchables, P3.”

A few of the snack medley items displayed June 11 were dried pineapple, swiss cheese and diced ham; trail mix, red seedless grapes and sweet apple slices; cheddar cheese, chocolate-covered almonds and blueberries; mocha almonds, provolone cheese and salami; and cheddar cheese, pretzels and sweet apple slices. Many other options are also available.

“We’re very data-driven, so we look at industry trends, market analysis, what is selling at center-store, deli, what is selling in produce, and how do we kind of combine them into one thing and sell something that the consumer really wants to buy and eat,” Zimmerman said. “We’re hoping we’ve hit that out of the park and we’re looking for some success with both that and the pear launch.”

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