Concord Foods debuts Chiquita Banana Pop Kit

Concord Foods debuts Chiquita Banana Pop Kit

Brockton, Mass.-based Concord Foods has partnered with Chiquita on a new banana pop kit.

The product is designed to be sold alongside fresh bananas to meet consumer demand for clean-label snacks, according to a news release. Shoppers can create chocolate banana pops when they buy four fresh bananas and the kit, which includes dark chocolate without artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

“The Chiquita Banana Pop Kit is ideal for merchandising with bananas in produce departments as each kit will also sell four bananas,” marketing manager Samantha McCaul said in the release. “We have plans for increased cross-promotion during key sales periods such as Memorial Day and July 4.”

The kit will be available in cases of 24 units, and the suggested retail price is $2.79. Shipping starts Jan. 6.

Concord has previously partnered with Chiquita on a banana bread mix that has seen significant success, according to the release.