CMI Orchards invited to present at White House

CMI Orchards invited to present at White House

CMI Orchards is scheduled to represent Washington State in the third annual Made in America Product Showcase at the White House July 15.

CMI plans to display apples and cherries from their American Dream label at the event, according to a news release. 

“We created the American Dream label to show solidarity and support for our troops, veterans and patriots of our great nation,” Bob Mast, president of CMI Orchards, said in the release. “We have found that this program resonates with everyone in a patriotic way and makes everyone feel good about supporting it.”

The American Dream program gives a portion of proceeds to military and veteran causes including supporting homeless and wounded veterans, according to the release.

“We are extremely honored and humbled by this opportunity and what it represents,” Mast said.

CMI’s American Dream program is available for any variety of apples and cherries the company grows, according to the release.

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