Chuck the robot and Superpick team up for quick order fulfillment

Chuck the robot and Superpick team up for quick order fulfillment

Two tech companies, 6 River Systems Inc. and Soft Robotics, have formed a partnership for an automated picking solution for e-commerce and retail warehouses.

The partnership, announced in early September, uses 6 River’s mobile robot, Chuck, with Soft Robotics’ SuperPick, a full stack bin picking and order fulfillment solution, according to a news release.

SuperPick can handle a large range of stock-keeping units (SKUs), and is an end-to-end mobile picking solution, according to the release.

“The partnership between 6 River Systems and Soft Robotics is an excellent illustration of combinatorial innovation at the intelligent operational system level,” Remy Glaisner, research director at IDC, which analyzes technology decisions for clients, said in the release. “It confirms the accelerating shift of robotics use-cases from ‘the point of activity’ to ‘a place of innovation.’”

Jerome Dubois, co-founder and co-CEO of Six River Systems, said combining the capabilities of Chuck and SuperPick will speed order fulfillment with greater accuracy.

“This solution will allow customers to fully automate the picking process for high-demand products, thereby enabling warehouse employees to focus on higher impact operations,” Dubois said in the release

6 River Systems is based in Boston and Soft Robotics is based in Bedford, Mass.