Chili peppers move up to No. 1 on Produce Market Guide

Chili peppers move up to No. 1 on Produce Market Guide

After six weeks in the No. 1 spot on Produce Market Guide, figs finally were bumped out by chili peppers the week of Aug. 12, sliding to second place. Okra maintained its No. 3 status from the previous week, while cucumbers and yellow plums switched places, coming in at No. 4 and No. 5. 

The Produce Market Guide platform connects produce buyers and sellers. Below, find the top 20 searched commodities on Produce Market Guide during the week of Aug. 12.

Among the top 10 items, eggplant climbed from No. 12 the previous week to claim the No. 7 spot from avocados, which fell to No. 12. Apples, No. 8 the week of Aug. 5, and pears, No. 9, fell to No. 16 and No. 14 the week of Aug. 12, while tomatoes shot to No. 9 and bananas reappeared in the No. 10 slot.

Citrus also seemed to be on people's minds last week, with oranges at No. 11, limes at No. 17, and lemons rounding out the top 20.

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