California grape estimate lower, but plenty for fall, winter

California grape estimate lower, but plenty for fall, winter

The California Table Grape Commission has downgraded July projections of the third-largest crop in history to a normal production of 109 million 19-pound boxes.

That estimate is similar to table grape harvests from 2014-17, according to a news release. Earlier projections put the crop at more than 116 million boxes, and then 112 million boxes.

Typically, 40-50% of the California crop ships after Oct. 1, and the commission promotes grapes as a fall and winter fruit; supplies in storage will carry the season into January.

The commission is working with customers to ensure California grapes stay top-of-mind as imported grapes become available in the fall and winter.

“Grapes from California are stunningly beautiful, full of flavor and phytonutrients, and are both a healthy, anytime snack and a simple, awe-inspiring ingredient,” Kathleen Nave, California Table Grape Commission president, said in the release.

Nave said the commission promotes new uses in recipes and encourages consumers to try different varieties in the fall. The commission’s website,, has “traditional and on-trend usage ideas,” according to the release.

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