Blue Goose plum season starts for Oppy

Blue Goose plum season starts for Oppy

The season for The Oppenheimer Group’s Blue Goose plum brand has started.

The Blue Goose brand, which is actually four sub-varieties, starts with an early Italian prune plum that Oppy began packing in early August. That’s followed by late Italian prune plums in mid-August, and Empress and President varieties that ship late August to mid-September, according to Oppy.

The plums are sweet with tangy undertones and have dense flesh and a pit that is easy to remove, according to a news release. They are ideal for snacking, baking and preserving.

“The health benefits of the micro-nutrient rich prune plums, combined with their deliciously sweet flavor, means they have an enthusiastic following every summer and give retailers a welcome color break from the usual products on display,” Jon Bailey, sales manager, said in the release.

The plums are available in high-graphic pouch bags, and bulk volume-fill boxes of varying weights, including 30 pounds for early and late Italian varieties, and 28 pounds for Empress and President varieties.

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