Applewood Fresh and the Produce Moms co-brand apple packages

Applewood Fresh and the Produce Moms co-brand apple packages

Sparta, Mich.-based apple shipper Applewood Fresh and The Produce Moms have launched a co-branded apple package timed for fall sales and the holiday baking season.

The new co-branded apple bags are available to start shipping Nov. 9, according to a news release.

The clear, resealable bags are available in 3-pound and 5-pound options. The bags feature the apples riding in the back of The Produce Moms’ car filled with The Produce Moms’ characters, according to the release.

The release said the package also contains a call to action in the form of a QR code linked to distance learning activity sheets and a virtual online field trip to a Michigan apple farm and production facility. 

“Right now, it’s obviously not possible to physically offer field trips to students to see the wonderful operations behind Applewood Fresh’s uniquely delicious Michigan apple crop,” Antonia Mascari, vice president of marketing for Applewood Fresh, said in the release. However, she said the virtual field trip offers educators, parents and kids a great resource.

“Educators and parents are looking for more ways to enrich the Zoom classroom, and virtual field trips are wildly popular right now.”

Lori Taylor, CEO and Founder of The Produce Moms, said in the release there has been a great leap in demand for virtual education content as well as virtual experiences focused on fresh produce. 

“People of all ages, in any part of the country, where Applewood Fresh and The Produce Moms co-branded apples are sold, will be able to “travel” to Michigan to learn more about how apples are grown,” she said in the release. “Our suite of downloadable lesson plans not only incorporates fresh produce into the virtual or in-school classroom, but also fulfill pre-Kindergarten through third grade national academic standards.”

For more information about the Applewood Fresh + Produce Moms apple packaging, and to place orders, contact the sales team at Applewood Fresh at 616-239-2871.

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