Apple merchandising inspiration from the Produce Artist Award Series

Apple merchandising inspiration from the Produce Artist Award Series

Merchandising Inspiration: Apples





Sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell. That’s the idea behind our new Merchandising Inspiration Series, which features display photos submitted for our Produce Artist Award Series by produce managers, merchandisers and specialists around the country.

The industry is fortunate to have many people who are passionate about the presentation of produce and always looking for ways to take their departments to the next level. These photos provide a taste of what stores in different regions, stores of different sizes, and stores that serve different customer bases are doing to encourage shoppers to buy more apples.

For expert commentary on some of these awesome apple displays, check out the below clip from our Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar, which features discussion between longtime produce retail professionals Mike O’Brien, Joe Watson and Armand Lobato.

Following that video are a few links to more apple-focused resources.

We hope you enjoy checking out these examples of different techniques, fixtures, assortments, cross-merchandising, point-of-sale material and more. Thanks for all you do for the produce industry!

More apple resources

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More apple display photos — We gathered these pictures from our (pre-COVID) visits to stores around the country. We like to see what we can see on the side of making the rounds at the tradeshows. Enjoy!