Ag Water Summit addresses crisis, solutions

Ag Water Summit addresses crisis, solutions

Technology and methods to manage water use in growing produce is the focus of the Agricultural Water Summit.

The August 26 event near the capital of Santiago, Chile, will feature international experts on techniques and farm management styles to limit the effects of drought on production, according to a news release.

Topics at the summit will include using technology to manage water use, research on specific crops and varieties and their water needs, and the current situation in growing regions, including Chile and Calfiornia.

Success stories of overcoming water-related challenges in those growing areas will be presented, according the release.

“I firmly believe that if a solution exists to the crisis, in order to find it it will first be essential that organizations and institutions from numerous sectors unite to share their knowledge and work together towards a common goal, Gustavo Yentzen, general manager of the Yentzen Group, which organized the water summit, said in the release. “It has also become clear to me that all around the world, there are already solutions and innovations to many of the problems faced by growers.

“The Agricultural Water Summit will spread this global knowledge and experience, helping producers to take action to improve their situation and look to a brighter future,” Yentzen said in the release.

Registration and information on expo booths, sponsorships and more is online.

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