PMG Snapshot Reports

What is a Snapshot?

The Produce Market Guide Snapshot gives you the information you need to determine the overall business health and stability of your business partners.

PMG Snapshot


Snapshot's detail a company’s pay policy and what others are reporting their average days to pay are. Here's what you'll find:

  • Payment Policy
  • Payment Practice Rating from Customers
  • Number of Employees
  • Company Revenue






How do we calculate a company's Industry Payment Practice?

Produce Market Guide's Industry Payment Practice averages contain ratings from two sources:  

  • Ratings submitted by customers who reported a company's average days to pay them to Redbook Credit Services ( on or after January 1, 2016
  • All "Pay Experience" ratings submitted by customers to on or after March 7, 2018 takes the average days to pay to determine the industry payment practice.

Industry Pay Practice Rating


If you have questions about any Produce Market Guide Snapshot, please contact our Customer Success Team here