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The Most Comprehensive Produce Company Directory & Tools.

We’re building the largest database of produce sellers, growers, shippers, brokers, suppliers, the list goes on.

We're also building tools like Document Management. Keep track of your certs, and the certifications your business partners.


Upload videos, PDF documents, and certifications.

I'm a buyer.

An industry first, Grower Verification.

Find growers who have three of the most critical certifications in order. Manage all your grower partners with alerts of their expiring certs.

Direct Messaging.

Sometimes it is easier to start your dialog online with a potential partner before picking up the phone. The PMG integrated messaging app allows you to do just that.

Peer-to-peer Reputation Reviews.

Get a deep dive into their business practices and reputation.

Because produce is more than a credit score. Product quality, packaging, transportation, customer service, and more...

Produce Commodity Facts.

Everyone knows The Packer is the top news source in produce. Now you have online access to some of the best produce facts:

  • Fresh Trends
  • Display Ideas
  • PLUs
  • Nutrition Labels
  • Growing Seasons
  • Markets, and more...

All combined with the largest directory of growers in the industry.  Connecting people and products.  

I'm a grower.

The produce shelves are at a premium with every retailer.

Finding the right buyers for your products just got easier. The Produce Market Guide (PMG) online is the first free search directory for buyers to find growers and for you to showcase your operation to gain qualified prospects.

Increase exposure for your produce.

With 1000’s of growers in 600+ commodity types, you need to stand out. PMG makes this simple with enhanced listings, display ads, and premium company pages.

  • Make your listings pop.
  • Show up first in search results.
  • Serve relevant ads to users searching for your products.
  • Create a company page that outshines the competition.
  • Add video, presentations, and more.


Sponsored Listings show up before the regular search results.

Manage your leads and opportunities.

Always have your preferred partners at your fingertips, as well as qualified prospects that meet your needs.

The PMG Dashboard keeps track of your day-to-day business and keeps this information and other relevant data front and center.

Find reputable business partners.

PMG prides itself on being more than just a credit score platform. Sure, good credit is important, but there are so many other aspects that make a business partner GREAT.

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